Native Village of Iliamna

Photo by Mark Emery
Photo by Mark Emery


Iliamna is located on the north side of Lake Iliamna, 225 miles southwest of Anchorage.  Iliamna is primarily accessible by air and water. An 8-mile gravel road connects Iliamna to Newhalen, and a 22-mile road to Nondalton is under construction. There are two paved State-owned airstrips, one measures 5,080' long by 100' wide, the other is 4,800' long by 150' wide, these are located between Iliamna and Newhalen. Additional facilities include: float plane facilities at Slop Lake, East Bay and Pike Lake, a private airstrip at Iliamna Roadhouse, and private float plane access at Summit Lake.  Iliamna is the transportation hub of the area, served by several airlines providing daily scheduled flights from Anchorage.  Air taxis and charter service provide transportation to outlying villages.

Prior to 1935, "Old Iliamna" was located near the mouth of the Iliamna River, a traditional Athabascan village. A post office was established there in 1901. Around 1935, villagers moved to the present location, approximately 40 miles from the old site. The post office followed.  Iliamna's current size and character can be attributed to the development of fishing and hunting lodges. The first lodge opened in the 1930s. A second lodge was built in the 1950s. During the 70s and 80s, lots were made available by the Baptist Church, and additional lodges were constructed.  In recent years Iliamna has become a recreational and tourist attraction due to the excellent fishing at Iliamna Lake and in the surrounding areas. 

Many residents participate in subsistence hunting and fishing activities, utilizing salmon, trout, grayling, moose, caribou, bear, seal, porcupine and rabbits.  

Lodges, Inn's, B&B and Hotels located in the Native Village of Iliamna:

Angry Eagle Lodge

Baechler Enterprises, LLC

Copper River Lodge, LLC

Cusack's Alaska Lodge

Eastwind Lake (907) 571-1525

Flyfish Alaska Redquill Lodge, INC. dba Redquill Lodge

Guth's Lodge at Iliamna

Iliamna investments (907) 571-1525

Iliamna Service, LLC (907) 571-6509 (Iliamna, AK)

Iliamna Lake Contractors, LLC (907)533-3240

Intricate Bay Operating, LLC

Rainbow King Lodge, Inc.

Rainbow River Lodge, LLC

Talarik Creek Inn LLC

Valhalla Village