City of Newhalen

Photo by Mark Emery
Photo by Mark Emery

(Population 182)

Newhalen is located on the north shore of Iliamna Lake at the mouth of the Newhalen River, 4.5 miles southwest of Iliamna and 230 mile southwest of Anchorage.  There are two paved State-owned airstrips, one measures 5,080' long by 100' wide, the other is 4,800' long by 150' wide, these are located between Iliamna and Newhalen. Scheduled and charter air services are available. A gravel road connects these communities and the airport.

The 1890 census listed the Eskimo village of "Noghelingamiut," meaning "people of Noghelin," at this location, with 16 residents. The present name is an anglicized version of the original. The village was established in the late 1800s due to the bountiful fish and game in the immediate area. Newhalen incorporated as a City in 1971. Newhalen includes Yup'ik Eskimos, Alutiiq and Athabascans.  Most practice a subsistence and fishing lifestyle.  Newhalen and Iliamna share a post office and school.

Thousands of sport fishermen visit the area each summer for trophy rainbow trout fishing on the lake. Residents rely heavily on subsistence activities, and most families travel to fish camps during the summer.

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