Things to do


Alaska offers a variety of hunting opportunities, many of them worldclass. The options include taking kids grouse or hare hunting along backroads in the Interior, filling the freezer with muskox, or conducting an once-in-a-lifetime brown bear hunt. Some species, such as caribou and moose, are widely distributed across much of the state.  Many big game species in Alaska make long migrations between their seasonal ranges. The key to hunting successfully are careful planning and thorough preparation. We have a list of experience guides to choose from that can answer any questions, and get you on your way to an amazing Alaska adventure.


Good sport fishing isn't hard to find in Alaska. In fact, in this land of 3,000 rivers, 3 million lakes and 6,640 miles of coastline, a sportfisher’s greatest challenge can be deciding where to get started. We have list of experienced guides that can help you plan your trip.

There are other guiding activities such as photography tours, snow mobile adventures, kayaking tours, rafting, trekking, hiking, camping, bear viewing, beach combing, Walrus Viewing Tours and much more for your family that would like a different Alaska experience.