Lake and Peninsula borough offers a variety of hunting opportunities, many of them world class. Conducting an once-in-a-lifetime trophy brown bear, moose, and wolverine. wolves, and Dall sheep.  Alaska has four species of grouse (ruffed, tailed, spruce, and sooty), all three world-wide species of ptarmigan (willowrock, and white-tailed), and two species of hare (snowshoe and Alaska). Duck hunting guides are also available in the peninsula area. The keys to hunting successfully are careful planning and thorough preparation.

Small Game Hunting

Small game hunting provides a wonderful opportunity to introduce young and new hunters to the heritage of hunting. It offers an easy, cost effective, and accessible opportunity to begin a tradition and outdoor activity that can last a lifetime. A child introduced to hunting through flushing hares out of a local brush or walking a gravel road for spruce grouse will become hooked. Small game hunting in Alaska offers abundant opportunities to work with or train a hunting dog and experience the thrill of watching your dog hold a point on a resting grouse.

In Alaska, small game includes hares, grouse and ptarmigan. We are extremely fortunate to have diverse and abundant small game populations throughout the Lake and Peninsula Borough. Alaska has four species of grouse (ruffedsharp-tailed,spruce, and sooty), all three world-wide species of ptarmigan (willowrock, and white-tailed), and two species of hare (snowshoe and Alaska). All of these species are native to Alaska and can be legally hunted by both residents and non-residents under liberal season dates and bag limits.

 Please review State of Alaska regulations and licensing requirements:

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